Testing with the University of Stellenbosch Animal Nutritional Department has proved that larvae protein produces better take on weight and lower gizzard erosion scores when feeding fish and chickens this natural food rather than current industrial alternatives. AgriProtein creates natural feed for these animals from bio-available waste.

Basic Process

AgriProtein's initial plant uses fly larvae fed on abattoir waste products to create larval protein. The product contains 9 essential amino acids with higher Cystine and similar levels of Lysine, Methonine, Threonine and Tryptophane as marine fishmeal.

Product Variants

Using different processes and fly families, AgriProtein has developed larvae of naturally different chemical and mineral composition. These minerals are bio-available to the animals eating them. This opens up the possibility of creating a whole range of speciality feed preparations targeted at specific lifestages of industrially farmed livestock.

Current Plant

AgriProtein has developed and built an operational mid-scale fly farm and larvae growth facility near Cape Town, South Africa, with an output of two tons per week of larvae protein. With AgriProtein's engineering partners we are developing an industrial plant capable of manufacturing the large quantities required by the farming industry. The first two plants will be installed in Germany & in South Africa with material interest from other countries & regions indicating the possibility of a rapid technology roll-out.