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AgriProtein is part of the Insect Technology Group.

Our mission is to close the loop in food production. Our technology harnesses the power of insects to provide an environmentally beneficial alternative for food waste by creating sustainable, high-quality feed ingredients.

The food waste crisis


We lose or waste 30% of all food produced globally which equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes a year


The yearly cost of global food waste is estimated to be $990 billion


Food losses represent a waste of resources in terms of land, energy, water and inputs, and leads to unnecessary CO2 emissions

According to the FAO, if food wastage were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitting country in the world after China and the USA. The world urgently needs a sustainable solution to tackle food waste.

The food sustainability challenge


The world population is expected to reach 9.9 billion by 2050. Protein consumption will rise significantly to accommodate this


Fishmeal is a critical ingredient in aquaculture and some livestock feeds. Over 90 million tonnes of fish are captured in the wild every year, and one third of fish caught in our seas is used for fishmeal

Fish Stocks

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture has expressed significant concern about recent FAO estimates that over a third of fish stocks are currently fished at biologically unsustainable levels

Demand for fishmeal is expected to outpace supply by 5 million tonnes by 2024. The world urgently needs new sustainable sources of complete protein.

Our solution

Our business was created with the vision of upcycling local waste nutrients into protein at point of use on a global scale. Our mission is to close a loop in food production and reinvent the unsustainable use of fishmeal, delivering natural alternative ingredients that contribute to saving our seas.

We harness the power of insects to convert food waste into valuable proteins which can offset fishmeal as an unsustainable ingredient in aquaculture, livestock and pet feeds.

We have over ten years of science & technology Research & Development.

A growing population, scarce water and land resources and declining natural fish stocks make the need for solutions like ours more critical than ever.

Our products

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